When you create your character, you can assign a certain number of skills using the SKILL PYRAMID as follows.

  • One Great(+4) skill
  • Two Good(+3) skills
  • Three Fair(+2) skills
  • Four Average(+1) skills

There are eighteen default skills in Fate, and the skill pyramid allows each character to have above average competence in ten of them. They can be easily customized to emphasize things in your setting, but in this campaign it probably isn’t necessary.

Skill List

The skills that aren’t obvious have a short explanation below, but in depth descriptions of what each skill does can be found here. There’s a chart that shows what actions each skill can be used for in battle. Don’t worry about that too much for now, just use the descriptions to get a feel for the kind of things the skill can be used for.

  • Athletics
  • Burglary
  • Contacts
  • Crafts
    • This will be used primarily for engineering
  • Deceive
  • Drive
  • Empathy
    • Read other people’s emotional state, notice when they are lying, etc.
  • Fight
  • Investigate
  • Lore
    • Knowledge and education, knowing obscure details, deciphering ancient script, etc.
  • Notice
  • Physique
    • IMPORTANT: This determines how many physical stress boxes you have
  • Provoke
  • Rapport
    • Charming and inspiring people, convincing them to trust you (don’t try to use this to force other players to do your bidding)
  • Resources
  • Shoot
  • Stealth
  • Will
    • Control your emotions, focus, solve logic puzzles
    • IMPORTANT: This determines how many mental stress boxes you have


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